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Grand Blanc Parks & Recreation is happy to partner with Grand Blanc Gymnastics Company.  Gymnastics is the greatest overall body conditioning activity. Some of the physical attributes that the gymnasts will develop are: strength, flexibility, spatial awareness, muscular control, endurance, coordination, agility, running speed, balance and grace. Gymnasts are rewarded with the results of their hard work by improving skills and achieving their goals. Gymnastics will assist participants to become confident young adults ready to face the world as they will develop many “life skills” such as time management and mental discipline in addition to the physical benefits.

Offering competitive cheer for half year (December - May) for ages 7 - 11 yrs. with try-outs in early November.


For information on classes, activities and events.  Please visit:  grandblancgymnastics.org   

Grand Blanc Gymnastics Co. (810) 694-3222

3166 Tri-Park Drive, Grand Blanc