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Adult Kickball

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OK, I always tell people "we make-up rain-out games before the playoffs" but it did not work that way this time.  We need to play the August 2 (rain-out) games to determine the league champions for the 2 Black Hole divisions so they can play "cross-over" games next week.  So, this Wednesday, August 16 we will play the August 2 scheduled games.  Next week, (August 23) we will play the August 16 games!  On August 30---Playoffs begin!


THIS WEEK----WE PLAY THE AUGUST 2 schedule for all divisions. 




2017 REVISED Adult Kickball Schdule all teams all divisions





2017 Kickball Rules link


Week 4 Standings (Updated august 14)







“Tournament of Champions”       


Kickers Sports Bar WINS over Vodka Red Balls  11-3

            TOC Championship Trophy Game  



“Best of the Rest Tournament”   


Davison Dental WINS over  Kickin Ballz 9-2 

      BOTR  Championship Trophy Game   


“Not Good or Bad Tournament”   


The Accountables   WIN  over Pitches Be Crazy  8-1   

             NGTB Championship Trophy Game


“Swords and Shields Tournament”       


Beecher Tool and Die WINS over  ICY HOTT   12-4                                

          Sword and Shield Championship Trophy Game  


“Bottom Feeders Bedlam”       


Dumpster Fire WINS over   The Ballbarians 11-7

               BFB Championship Trophy Game  








CONGRATS TO OUR 2016 Adult Kickball League Champions!



RED GIANT:                       Kickers Sports Bar


White Dwarf  Division #1:  Ballsanga


White Dwarf Division # 2:  More Cowbell


Black Hole Division # 1:     Injury Prone


Black Hole Division # 2:     Vodka Red Balls





Go to gbparks.recdesk.com to register starting February 8, 2017



Past Champions:

2003 - Phillips Tin Lizzie


2004 - Saved by the Balls


2005 - Saved by the Balls


2006 - Fred Jackson Custom Builder


2007 - Keller Williams Realty


2008   East - Keller Williams Realty
2008  West - Saved by the Balls


2009   Tournament of Champions - Keller Williams Realty
2009   Bottom Feeders Bedlam Tournament - Alcoholkicks


2010    Tournament of Champions - Keller Williams Realty
2010   Not Good or Bad Tournament - Hair Balls
2010   Bottom Feeders Bedlam Tournament - Saved by the Balls


2011  Tournament of Champions:  Kickers Sports Bar

2011  Best of the Rest Tournament:  Alcobalics

2011  Not Good or Bad Tournament: Hair Balls/Don Franco

2011  Bottom Feeders Bedlam Tournament:   Recreational Hazards


2012  Tournament of Champions:  Kickers Sports Bar

2012  Best of the Rest Tournament: The Barn

2012  Not Good or Bad Tournament:  Just Kickin It

2012  Bottom Feeders Bed Tournament:  Red Baron Ball Busters


2013  Tournament of Champions:  Kickers Sports Bar

2013  Best of the Rest Tournament: Saved By The Balls

2013  Not Good or Bad Tournament: Get Mauled, Bearfoot Archery

2013  Swords and Shields Tournament:  Average Joes

2013  Bottom Feeders Tournament: Red Baron Ball Busters

2014  Tournament of Champions:  Kickers Sports Bar

2014  Best of the Rest Tournament:  Brews on First

2014  Not Good or Bad Tournament:  Saved By the Balls

2014  Swords and Shield Tournament:  Drink til we get the Runs

2014  Bottom Feeders Bedlam Tournament:  Balls and Dolls


2015  Tournament of Champions:  Kickers Sports Bar

2015  Best of the Rest Tournament: More Cowbell

2015  Not Good or Bad Tournament: Just Trying

2015  Swords and Shields Tournament: MFERS

2015  Bottom Feeders Bedlam Tournament: Saved by the Balls


2016  Tournament of Champions:  Kickers Sports Bar

2016  Best of the Rest Tournament: Davison Dental

2016  Not Good or Bad Tournament: The Accountables

2016  Swords and Shields Tournament:  Beecher Tool & Die

2016  Bottom Feeders Bedlam Tournament: Dumpster Fire