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We have a new registration website!!!!


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Thursday, September 20    All Outdoor Activites at Creasey Bicentennial Park:


Youth Flag and Tackle Football, Soccer, Baseball, etc are CANCELLED tonight due to


large amounts of rain/wet fields.
















Hello Swim Participants,

There are currently problems at the HS West pool with the sub pumps and and


RF Drive.  Schools officials have closed the pool and are working on the issue. 


We hope to have classes start next Saturday, September 29.  We will give a


update next Thursday about the classes starting on September 29


We will add this missed class to the end of the session and still give 10 classes.

Also, if you go to Open Swim on Mon/Wed or Water Aerobics on Tues/Thurs


those are cancelled this week as well.

thanks & sorry






Office location:  360 E. Grand Blanc Rd., Grand Blanc


(810) 694-0101    Fax (810) 695-0888


Office hours:  Monday-Friday 9am-5pm